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Check Internet Service Availability before you Buy

Until a couple of years ago, internet access was a nice-to-have for most
homeowners. But these days, it’s fast becoming a necessity. Kids need good
internet to do homework assignments. You may need reliable internet to work
from home and attend online meetings.

So, when shopping for a new home, it’s wise to check if the property which
you’re interested in making an offer on has good internet available. The last
thing you want is to move into a home only to discover that the internet service
is slow and faster options are unavailable.
There are many ways to do find out.
For example, most internet services websites have a feature where you can
type on the address and find out what type of internet services are available.
Pay attention to how the service is delivered to your home, as well as the
upload and download speeds.

Traditionally, cable and fibre offer the highest speeds with the most stable
connections. However, satellite and DSL can be very good, too, depending on
the service provider.
For online meetings (i.e., ZOOM) you’ll need an internet service with 4Mbps
upload and 3Mbps download. (Most internet service plan descriptions show
those download and upload numbers.) Keep in mind that if you have several
internet users in your home — watching a movie, playing a game, etc., —
you’ll need higher upload and download speeds.

Your best bet is to call the internet service company and explain your
requirements. Learn what service options are available for the home you’re
thinking of buying.
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