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Easy Ways to Keep your Home “Show Ready” when Selling

After your home has been cleaned from top to bottom, it’s natural to want it to
stay that way. Don’t you wish you could just wave a magic wand and the place
would clean itself? Unfortunately, even Harry Potter can’t manage that!
However, when you’re preparing your property for sale, you really do need to
keep it clean and ready for showings. There are several ways you can make
doing that a bit easier.
Try these tips:
• The one-minute rule. If a cleaning or tidying task takes you less than a
minute, consider doing it right away. For example, keeping the foyer
clear of clutter.
• One room a day. After you’ve cleaned and tidied your home, maintain
it by focusing on just one room a day. That’s manageable for most
• Prioritize the floors. If you can keep the floors clean, everything else
will tend to fall into place. Consider a routine where you do a quick
sweep or vacuum of the floors each evening.
• Declutter as much as possible. Clutter is the enemy of cleaning!
When a room is free of clutter, it’s easier to keep it clean, tidy and
looking great.
• Get extras. Buy an extra mop or broom so other household members
can help with the cleaning. Also, be sure to stock up on cleaning
supplies so you don’t run short just before a viewing appointment.
• Hire a cleaning service. Having a professional cleaning service come
once a week—or twice a week when you’re showing your property
frequently—can take a lot off your shoulders. Think of it as an
investment in selling your home.
Keeping your home looking “guest-ready” makes your home show better and
gets more buyers interested. But, the task doesn’t need to be daunting. Try
these tips to make it easier!

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