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Emphasize the Remote Working Potential of Your Property

By all accounts, remote working is here to stay. In fact, according to a survey
by McKinsey & Co (a research institute), 58% of workers say they can work at
home at least part of the time. Highlighting the remote working potential of
your property can be a major selling point.
One thing you can do is stage your home by creating a home office space of
some kind. It doesn’t have to take up an entire room. It could simply be a nook
with a desk and chair. Be sure the space looks comfortable and
functional; add shelving if possible & a good lamp for adequate
A buyer will see the space and imagine themselves spending hours working
there. So, the more pleasant and attractive you make the area, the better.
Consider adding a couple of plants or other attractive decor.
If you have an existing home office, declutter it as much as possible and
remove personal items. The desk should be clear of papers, files and other
items. Also, take down any certificates or personal items, you
want buyers to picture themselves working there.
By highlighting the remote working potential of your home, you can make it
more appealing to buyers looking for a functional and flexible space to work.

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