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    Do you have a “Dream” neighbourhood?

    By Weir Group Real Estate team | April 19, 2022

    Is living in your dream neighbourhood doable? Is there a neighbourhood you drive through occasionally and think, “Wow. I’dlove to live here. What a fantastic area”?Why don’t you take that thought any further? Maybe you think getting into thatneighbourhood just isn’t doable – at least, not right now.Perhaps you’re worried about the home prices or... Read More

    Preparing for Spring

    By Admin | March 22, 2022

    PROTECT YOUR HOME FROM MELTING SNOW Check your property for obstructions. Is there anything that might prevent melting snow from draining? Now’s the time to move it out of the way. Clear snow and debris from roof gutters so water can drain away. This can be dangerous, so make an honest assessment of how comfortable you are... Read More

    Feeling Cool about Selling in November or December?

    By Admin | November 13, 2020

    If you need to sell your home in the next month or two, you might be worried.After all, aren’t spring and summer the ideal seasons to list your property? Ifyou list in November or December, you might have difficulties attracting buyersand getting the best price for your home. Right?Not necessarily.While it’s true that spring and... Read More