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Preparing for Spring


  1. Check your property for obstructions. Is there anything that might prevent melting snow from draining? Now’s the time to move it out of the way.
  2. Clear snow and debris from roof gutters so water can drain away. This can be dangerous, so make an honest assessment of how comfortable you are with home improvement projects before you ascend any ladders. Hire a handyman or contractor if you’re not up to the task. First time hiring someone to help? Read this list of tips for hiring a contractor.
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  3. Check downspouts and sump pumps. They should all drain away from the house.
  4. Grab your shovel. Shovel any excess snow away from downspouts, basement window wells and stairwells.
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  5. Check the roof. Carefully brush heavy accumulations of snow and ice dams off the roof to avoid cave-ins.
  6. Hit the street. Clear your street storm sewer of debris and snow.
  7. Check outside pipes for leaks and damage.
  8. Pay attention to the forecast. You’ll want to know if there’s a flood warning. It also helps to know if rain is in the forecast – it often makes snow melt more quickly.

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