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Preparing to List – Choosing the Paint Colour

Painting your home, especially the main floor, is the most affordable ways to
refresh your home for sale. But what paint colours should you
Here are a few tips…
When it comes to selecting a palette, neutrality reigns supreme. Bright,
eccentric colours may reflect your personality, but remember, you’re trying to
appeal to a wide array of potential buyers. Neutral colours like whites, greys,
and beiges are not only safe but also allow buyers to envision their own
furniture and decor in the space. Imagine creating a blank canvas.
Don’t think of neutral as boring. Many subtle shades can add depth
and character to a room. For example, a soft grey with a hint of blue can make
a space feel serene and relaxing, and is ideal for bathrooms or bedrooms.
The living room and kitchen are often social hubs of a home, and warmer
neutrals can make these spaces feel welcoming. Shades like taupe or a
creamy off-white can make these areas inviting yet versatile.
Lastly, remember to take lighting into account. The way a colour appears can
dramatically change under different lighting conditions. Always test paint
samples under various light conditions before committing.

Check out this link from Behr for inspiration

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