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Tips on Buying the Right Video Doorbell

Video doorbells have become so popular that it’s not uncommon for visitors to
smile as they come up to the door. They want to make a good impression on
the video!
These doorbells are definitely convenient. Depending on the model you
purchase, you can see who’s there and even speak to that person before
opening your door. Some systems even allow for recording.
If you haven’t purchased a video doorbell yet, there are some important things
to consider when shopping for one.
First, make sure the resolution is at least 1080p. If it’s less than that, the image
quality will be blurry — especially at night.
Video doorbells come in wired or battery versions. Battery versions are easy to
install, but you’ll need to keep the battery charged. Wired versions are more
secure and reliable. However, the installation is more complex.
It’s recommended that you choose a video doorbell with cloud storage options
(including date stamping.) That way, anything that’s recorded will be stored,
and you’ll be able to recover it if needed.
Finally, make sure the doorbell works with your mobile phone. That way, you
can receive alerts when someone approaches your front door.

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