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What Will your Neighbourhood be Like in Two or Three Years?

There are many reasons why a homeowner might want to move.
Examples include upsizing, downsizing, work relocation, or simply
desiring a change. However, another popular reason for pulling up
stakes is noticing that the neighbourhood is changing in a way that no
longer fits your lifestyle goals.
For example, say there’s a shopping mall in development nearby. It may
not be impacting you now, but in a couple of years, the increase in
traffic and noise could nudge above your tolerance level especially if
you prefer quiet!
That’s why it’s important to occasionally take a peek into your crystal
ball and see what changes to your neighbourhood you can anticipate
over the next two to three years.
Of course, there’s no actual crystal ball. But there are ways to
determine where your neighbourhood is headed. For example,
information is available on:
• Proposed and planned construction projects, such as a new
condo building or school.
• Scheduled urban development, such as highway widening.
• Changes in city services, such as a new transit route in the area
or a new park.
• Area demographics, such as an increase in young families or
those who rent.
You might discover that some changes are positive — from your point
of view — and that you will look forward to them. However, if you find
that there are changes that will alter the neighbourhood in a way that
decreases the enjoyment of your home, then moving is an option.
There are plenty of opportunities on the market right now for getting into a
great home in a neighbourhood you’ll love.
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